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Elevate Your Awards: A Commitment to Sustainable Excellence

Elevate Your Awards A Commitment to Sustainable Excellence

Sustainable materials for the awards we make

In the pursuit of excellence, the materials we choose for our awards play a pivotal role. At SAU, we understand the importance of sustainability and offer a range of eco-friendly options for your bespoke awards. Here’s a glimpse into the sustainable materials we proudly provide:
Recyclability: Acrylic is easily recyclable and can be repurposed for various applications, embodying a commitment to environmental responsibility.
Infinitely Recyclable: Not only is aluminium endlessly recyclable, but it also maintains its original structure, ensuring a sustainable choice that stands the test of time.
Renewable Character: Wood, with its renewable essence, is a timeless and eco-conscious option that adds a touch of natural beauty to your awards.
SAU’s Sustainable Line
SAU's Sustainable Line
SAU’s Sustainable Line: Our dedication to sustainability extends to offering a specialized line of awards crafted from recycled acrylic, reducing environmental impact.
3D Prints
Biodegradable Filament: Embrace innovation with 3D prints made from biodegradable filament, a cutting-edge choice that aligns with environmental consciousness.

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