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Custom Made Awards FAQ

Custom Made Awards FAQ

Table of Contents

Custom-Made Awards FAQ: Where and How to Order?

Navigating the process of ordering custom-made awards can be challenging, given the multitude of suppliers online. To streamline your journey, we've compiled essential questions and answers to guide you through the selection and ordering of awards.

First things first: Choosing Your Award.

FAQ: What kind of award can we make for you?

Determining the type of award or trophy you need is crucial. Categories range from:
– Customized Awards
– Financial and M&A Awards
– Hospitality Awards
– Corporate Awards
– Sports Awards
– Team Awards

FAQ: Project key project details

Secondly, time to think about the Project Details:
Once you’ve selected your award type, consider key project details:

● Deadline
● Budget
● Quantity of Awards
● Feasibility of Translating Your Sketch/Idea into a Professional Design
● Sustainability Preferences for Materials
● Uniqueness Requirement for Specific Winners
● Need for a Special Gift Box
● Requirement for Digital Content based on Award Design

Submitting Your Request:
Click here to start your request, providing details as outlined above

Galaxy award custom made award sau

FAQ: I have an idea for an Award, can you design this for me?

Yes we can! Sharing a sketch or basic idea is very helpful for crafting your award design. Whether it’s a PowerPoint slide or a photo of a rough sketch, our design team adeptly transforms concepts into a preview of the final result, always mindful of your budget and timeline. Together with you, we can consider sustainability with material options like acrylic, aluminum, wood, recycled acrylic, or 3D prints. Specify production techniques for winner names, such as engraving, screen print, FC print, laser-cut acrylic letters, or 3D prints.

FAQ: I don’t know the winner of the award yet, how does this impact the order process?

Adding extra plaques to your awards is standard practice, especially when the winners are not known in advance. To avoid delays in announcing the winners, it’s smart to pre-create the awards and add names later. Consider preparing plaques with nominee names using double-sided tape for easy attachment, either before or during the event. We can provide any assistance or advice regarding this part of the process.

FAQ: I want to give my award in a beautiful giftbox, is that possible?

Enhance the prestige of your award by presenting it in a bespoke custom-made gift ox. Consider elements such as cut-out foam layers, embossed logos, velvet and silk inlays, or magnet enclosures to create a personalized touch. Ensure to factor in these details when establishing the budget for the award.

FAQ: Can I get digital files of the award I’m ordering?

As your award design will be digitally available,  providing content for your event becomes seamless. We can effortlessly create 3D photorenders, moving images, and movies that align with your brand and company style, incorporating your logo and brand elements.

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