Financial tombstones, awards, personalised gifts? We design your celebration! Welcome to SAU | Amsterdam!

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Our team is ready to serve you and they will guide you in the process of designing and manufacturing your tombstone, award or personal (casted) gift.

SAU | Amsterdam, your green tombstone supplier!

We noticed that our customers acknowledge the importance of sustainability in their buying processes.  We, as SAU | Amsterdam, take sustainability serious.

Below you can find our efforts to help preserve this world for our, and your, children:

We collect all wastage, additional tombstones and so on and hand this over to a recycling plant. We have chosen the plant nearest to our company to avoid pollution through transport. Therefore all clear Lucent awards and tombstones are made from this recycled material.

Upon request we can take back all tombstones made by our company so you do not have to throw them away. Please contact our staff to have collection arranged. Note: we only take back our tombstones, if you add from other suppliers we have to charge you for the pickup and delivery charges.

At our office we try to work mostly digital, therefor we send digital invoices, catalogues and images to inspire you! Our printing toners are handed to a recycling company.

We are working for 97% with raw material that can (and will be) recycled. Our left overs, spares and other remnants are gathered and brought to the nearest recycle plant.

All our boxes are made of recycled paper

We combine outgoing shipment to a single pick-up and use a partner who  helps us to  minimize environmental impacts, read more at

Split Invoice
Split Invoice

How it works?

Phase 1, request

If you want us to make a Tombstone or Award we require (if possible) the following information;

  1. dealinformation; if you have just put this in the body of your text and we will do the rest
  2. Determine the wishes of your deal team. Maybe your MD has a specific idea for the development? Share this with us!
  3. What is the requested number of pieces. Making tombstones or awards requires many changes to the original setup from machines. Each product is an individual and unique handmade product. We divide the setup cost by the number of ordered to determine the product cost. So the more you order the lower the setupcosts per product are
  4. What is the needed delivery time, casted products (something is on the inside of the product), need approx.. 1 week more than non-casted ones. Per design the delivery time can vary from within a week to abt.. 3 weeks!
  5. Do you have a budget? Just for our developers, if you do not know the budget we will develop designs anyway but maybe it is all out of your budget. So you better say on forehand!

Phase 2, making designs

Immediate after finishing the first phase the second starts. In a deal team we take your requests and all the information we gardened and discuss this in a designers meeting and designing starts. Mostly this takes 24 hours depending on the available information. We make either 2 or 3 designs to show you the possibilities and development directions.

Phase 3, selecting designs

When you have received the designs you have to discuss them within your team Sometimes we’ve designed exactly what you want and sometimes we have to re-design. Please note that you can change designs free of charge. If you have difficulties in making a choice by drawings? No worries, our salesman will visit you!

Phase 4, ordering

Toggle inhoud hoort hier, klikt u op de knop Bewerken om deze tekst te veranderen.

Phase 5, production and delivery

We have informed you about the delivery date so you know when to expect the tombstones. Our last year performance was a 100% score in delivery before diner dates.We ship out by UPS, on request you can ask for a special service

Phase 6, payment

When delivery is done you will receive an invoice. We request you to follow the payment instructions

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